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Nov 4, 2012 4:06pm EST
front of the debate commission and get huge amounts of press on fox news or cnn or what have you. if you had i created the expense that would be required to pay for the campaign in the media, millions of dollars. it is exciting that stands on all the time in from in the individual. -- that can happen at any time and from any individual. what had been the most successful campaign so far? >> the campaign that inspired us to give it from the very broad objective was the incredible campaign about a year and a half ago in south africa. a huge global explosion of campaigns change. a woman walking down the street and she gets grabbed and thrown into a shack and raped and almost killed. recent issues a lesbian woman and the man was trying to turn her street. awful thing called collectively. a good friend it sees this -- sees this and start a petition and ask the minister of justice to take issue seriously. 180,000 people take action. a huge overall media exposure. after about a month of campaigning that government apologizes and parliament passes a bill to have a task force to investigate th
Nov 19, 2012 12:30am EST
cnn or c-span trailing but we didn't visit on. well, my first reaction, funny, we all have self-reservation. i just ripped my panty hose. my second reaction is holy smokes there's a lot of smoke coming out of that building. one of things i don't like about if pentagon is you have very few parking. from that point on, ladies and gentlemen, our world and the united states and around the world has changed. that's where we move forward to today's event because cyber has taken a huge role and place in that world since. so very soon after 911, the united states started a global war in europe. started in afghanistan went to iraq, and is now in the military. there are huge challenges about stabilities of government and stabilities of our roles in those countries. we will continue to address what needs to be done in that environment. none of that is done without our dependence and our environmentment in the cyber world. the cyber domain and each and every one of us have become inseparable. tegnonk drives everything we do. -- technology drives everything we do. it resides in private secto
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2